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Policy On Vulnerable Adults

This policy covers Alpine Extension’s & Alpine Conservatories commitment to fair treatment of adult supporters that demonstrate vulnerable circumstances.


It is applicable to all staff and anyone acting on behalf of or in partnership with Alpine Extension’s & Alpine Conservatories .


It’s important to have a vulnerable adults policy to ensure that all Alpine Extension’s & Alpine Conservatories Business is conducted in a fair and ethically responsible way.


This policy will also detail what Alpine Extension’s & Alpine Conservatories considers to be indications of vulnerability with the aim that, in practice, those acting on behalf of Alpine Extensions & Alpine Conservatories can easily recognise vulnerability and respond to it in a way that is best for the customer.




Vulnerable customer – an individual that finds it difficult to immediately make an informed decision about the choices offered to them. A vulnerable customer may experience all or none of the following:


a diagnosed condition such as dementia

a recent bereavement

an undiagnosed or temporary mental health condition such as severe anxiety

learning difficulties

difficulty understanding the language


Our commitment to our customers


Alpine Extension’s & Alpine Conservatories is compassionate towards its customers and will never exploit vulnerability.


It will do everything it can in order to assist its Customers to make an informed decision about the support they choose to give to Alpine Extension’s & Alpine Conservatories.



Alpine Extension’s & Alpine Conservatories does not accept work where it has reason to believe that the customer may be experiencing vulnerable circumstances and accepting the business would be ethically wrong and/or harmful to the donor.


Should Alpine Extension’s & Alpine Conservatories receive information regarding a customer’s vulnerability from a third party, it will not act on any request to alter the customer’s preferences unless the third party can provide evidence that he or she has the authority to act on behalf of the customer. 


Alpine Extension’s & Alpine Conservatories does not identify vulnerable adults based on disability or age or any other social indicator, it deals with each customer on a case-by-case scenario.


Alpine Extension’s & Alpine Conservatories seeks to ensure that a customer is equipped with the appropriate information in order to make an informed decision about giving to it. It recognises that in some circumstances it may be necessary to adapt the way in which it communicates with the customer i.e. using braille or a translation service. Staff should be responsive to the needs of an individual and adapt his or her approach to suit those needs and the context.


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